Recognizing Skill and Good Works

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Wed Oct 23 20:10:00 PDT 1996

Dia duit!

dennis grace wrote in a message to All:

 dg> Actually, you don't--not by award title, per se.  As you say, the
 dg> specific art or craft is designated *on the scroll* rather than by
 dg> the award.  Saying that Lord or Lady Whosit has a Sable Thistle
 dg> lends no clue as to where their area of skill lies, unlike some
 dg> other awards.  

The field is listed in the RoP.  If people do not specify the field in
conversation, I cannot do anything about their lapse.  The charter for the
awards specifies that recipients should be styled "Holders of the Sable Thistle
for <field>."

 dg> I really must question His Excellency's attitude about awards. 
 dg> They are given out too freely?  Just this weekend a lady shared
 dg> with me that for the first three years she played, she was expected
 dg> to serve constantly at events, and when she was finally brought up
 dg> for a recognition--after three years of steady service--the
 dg> awarding coronet  commented he thought perhaps the award was a bit
 dg> hasty.  The lady telling me these things had tears well in her eyes
 dg> at the suggestion that her efforts of several years were apparently
 dg> considered incidental. Is this the kind of thing you champion?  

You insult me, in addition to misreading what I have written.  Certainly, she
is derserving of being publicly thanked for her efforts, no matter how great or
small those efforts were. What I am advocating is that *awards* need not be the
only form of recognition we offer people.  Was this lady deserving of an award?
 I can't say, not having witnessed the works she had done. I don't consider
three years too long to wait for an Award of Arms.  I presume the only reson I
received mine as early as my third annivesary in the SCA was because I was
holding my second office - that of founding seneschal of a thriving canton.  I
had held offices; local, regional, kingdom, and kingdom staff; continuously for
about 11 years when I resigned from the Zodiacus office in May.  Is that
service deserving of an award?  Apparently not, as I've recieved no awards
since my Laurel in '90 and no service awards since '86.  I have received enough
public and private thank-you's and support that I felt my efforts were

Yes, people should think what they do is appreciated.  We just don't have to
give them another merit badge to do that.

 dg> On the other hand, if only 10% of the populace is
 dg> being recognized, what of the other 90%?  You almost seem to be
 dg> suggesting that you feel that *more* than 90% of the populace do
 dg> nothing meriting regard for the most part.  That kind of attitude
 dg> can't possibly do much along the lines of encouraging more
 dg> committed involvement.   

Have you received any awards since moving to Ansteorra?  (I assume not, but
don't know.)  Have you been doing nothing since your moved to Ansteorra?  (I
assume you've been busy as a beaver, but I don't know.)  You appear to imply
that if you haven't received an award you haven't done anything.  I certainly
have never said such a thing.

 dg> I also might point out that many may think, "well, that's easy for
 dg> him to say, he's already got a brass hat."  When those of us who
 dg> have achieved well in the Society start making noises that suggest
 dg> stinginess or jealously of recognition of others, 

does not reflect the society we purport to portray adn should be modified so
that it does.

YES - we SHOULD recognize people's efforts - as often as possible.
NO - we SHOULD NOT recgonize them ONLY via merit badges.

Is that plain enough??


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