Whine, whine, whine

dennis grace amazing at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Oct 24 00:39:06 PDT 1996

Greetings, Cousins,

Lyonel here.  Oh, look what Baron Aodhan has built of straw this time:

>Oh, I see.  Because some heavy fighter are clods and deliberately step on
>arrows and break them, the archers deserve a separate award.  Because some
>people are merely careless and spill things on scrolls, scribes do not.

And to think, have the audacity to accuse my wife of misreading *your*

I must say, Your Excellency, I was tempted to change the subject line of
this posting.  It is, after all, more than a bit insulting.  I see, however,
that you are sticking to the mood of the subject line.


Dennis G. Grace
Postmodern Medievalist
Division of Rhetoric and Composition
Department of English
University of Texas at Austin
amazing at mail.utexas.edu

Baro, metetz en guatge                    |  Lords, pawn your castles,
Chastels e vilas e ciutatz                |  your towns and cities.
Enanz qu'usquecs no'us guerreiatz         |  Before you're beat to the draw,
                                                    draw your swords.

                   -- Bertran de Born (a really fun Viscount)

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