A & S standards

Scot Eddy seddy at vvm.com
Thu Oct 24 09:15:25 PDT 1996

Good Gentles,

As I understand it a primary source (excellent for research) is an 
extant object. For instance, using a real 14th century crossbow as a 
model for yours.

Secondary sources are period pictures, paintings, drawings, statues or 
sketches on which you base you project. For example, using a statue to 
base your 'Norman Kite' shield.

Tertiary sources - very poor choices for research - would be paintings 
of paintings. Much of the Victorian era "research" used paintings of 
paintings. Much detail was lost. I have a hilarious book called 
something like "Historical Costume in Britain and Ireland." If you 
know what you're looking at you realize that the level of research is 
laughable. Plate armor that can't bend and flex as drawn, dreses that 
you can't get into. Obviously something you don't want to base your 
project on.

Grace and Peace,

Jovian Skleros

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