Recognizing Skill and Good Works

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Thu Oct 24 17:14:56 PDT 1996

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace wrote:

>    Moreover, and I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, but the
>Sable Thistle strikes me as a perfect example of the sort of problem 
>Baron Aodhan is addressing.  I can see baronial, principality, and 
>kingdom level A&S awards, but one for every art and every science?  
>What's next, the Sable Paperclip for different forms of service?  We 
>could give a clip for filing, a clip for chronicling, a clip for court 
>heraldry, a clip for field heraldry, etc.

I've always thought the Sable Thistle was the *best* example of an 
award. It can be used for *any* arts or sciences or craft type thingee 
(from costuming to bardic to dancing to armormaking to pysanky or period 
encampment). I've always thought those kingdoms that did have 
differently named awards for a handful of arts & crafty things were 
establishing a proliferation of awards, though ymmv. :)

And the thought of the "Sable Paperclip" sound good to me, *IF* you 
eliminate redundant awards: the Sable Comet, Sable Crane, & Baronial 
Service awards. It's all service, why not differentiate it like a 

And as for the fighting awards, ha!, do the same thing with them if you 
must have them. The Sable Jock Strap (forgive my words, but once this 
appeared in the brain, nothing else seemed right) given for expertise in 
one of the various fighting arts: chivalric, rapier, combat archery, 
target archery, siege weapons or anything else. Eliminate either the 
Queens' Rapier & Sable Falcon or else eliminate the Grant level awards 
(Centurion & White Scarf) and replace them with this all encompassing 

Lastly, make'em all non-armigerous!

Estrill, sometimes a radical

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