A & S standards

I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at centum.utulsa.edu
Thu Oct 24 16:56:45 PDT 1996

<Jovian Skleros<Scot Eddy <seddy at vvm.com>>>
>As I understand it a primary source (excellent for research) is an 
>extant object. For instance, using a real 14th century crossbow as a 
>model for yours.

Using one that you have *in your hand* as a model for yours 

>Secondary sources are period pictures, paintings, drawings, statues or 
>sketches on which you base you project. For example, using a statue to 
>base your 'Norman Kite' shield.

As are modern photographs of the same item.

>Tertiary sources - very poor choices for research - would be paintings 
>of paintings. Much of the Victorian era "research" used paintings of 

Photographs of photographs have the same problem, as can photocopies of

Every step you place between you and the original material, is a place where
information can be lost.


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