Using the Web for Documentation?

I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at
Fri Oct 25 22:45:56 PDT 1996

<gunnora at>
>        Has the MLA Manual begun listing proper citation forms for Web
>cites?  Have any of the other style guides such as Chicago?  I'm curious as
>to the proper format!

I know that some of the style manuals have electronic citation formats, 
although I'm not certain about the MLA.  I assume they have one as well,
but I'll check on it Monday and let you know.  Essentially, though, they
are roughly the same as any other form of citation (Author, Title, 
Location, Date) in whichever order the particular format calls for.

For example, I personally use the Turabian/Chicago style, and were I to
cite Nicolaa de Bracton's article on Persona Literacy, it would be
Iif memory serves):

Carroll-Clark, Susan. "Period Literacy"  Http://
     rialto/per-literacy-art.html. 12 Jun 1994.


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