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Galen of Bristol pmitchel at
Sat Oct 26 09:15:32 PDT 1996

New stuff on the Ansteorra homepage this morning:

If you've sent me an addition or correction to the Ansteorra page, I believe
I've made it now, with two exceptions, Modius & Talon (I'll get to you both).  
This includes links to the Black Oak Keep Championship Flyer (which I posted 
for them), the Amazon Household, MAS Weapons, and neatest of all, the first 
of the pictures of Ansteorran rulers!  Check it out at

- Galen

Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc. (now upgraded with ASTA!)
Paul Mitchell, pmitchel at / "noblesse oblige" (new site!)

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