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On Fri, 25 Oct 1996, Mike Baker <mbaker at rapp.com> wrote about Magister
Robin's story about the brick.  I have a few small addenda.

>      In a distant land of the SCA, where customs apparently vary
>      greatly from those here in Ansteorra,

Trimaris, I believe.

>      a new-crowned King gave his Knights the task of proving how
>      silly some of the system actually was.

The flaw that the master mentions is that the criteria did not include
the scope of the work.  A hand-embroidered section of the Bayeux
tapestry with one flaw would be ranked below one perfectly period
... brick.

>      One particularly clever fellow made a brick, documenting every
>      portion of the process but still producing a relatively ugly
>      specimen of the type.

Not just ugly: simple to do.  Not much work involved.

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