Using the Web for Documentation?

I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at
Mon Oct 28 12:44:18 PST 1996

>        Has the MLA Manual begun listing proper citation forms for Web
>cites?  Have any of the other style guides such as Chicago?  I'm curious
>as to the proper format!

Unfortunately, the first library where I work only has "current" citation
guides for APA (I will get the others as soon as I can).

It has citation for electronic material as (and please remember that this
is a condensation from a four page section):

Author. Date. "Article Title" (if appropriate). Title of Work or Periodical.
[On-Line]. ("pages", if appropriate). Available: (Specify Path)

This is further fleshed out in Xia Li and Nancy Crane, _Electronic Style,
a guide to citing electronic information_, Meckler, 1993.

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