Using the Web for Documentation?

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Mon Oct 28 16:43:02 PST 1996

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>I'd like to agree with Darmuit's post that this appears to be the 
>most current and acceptable method of documenting internet sources.
>In fact, I was even going to suggest the same book that he mentioned.

According to the MLA style guideline sheet (which is not the same as
a *real* MLA stylesheet, but is as close as I have been able to come),
the information should include as much of the following, in THIS order:

1. Authors name (if given)
2. Title of material accessed (non-printed)
   Title of the work or part of the work (printed)
3. Date of the material (non-printed)
4. Title of the entire work (printed)
5. Publication Information for the entire work (printed)
6. Title of datebase (underlined)
7. Publication Medium (either CD-Rom or Online)
8. Name of vendor (CD Rom only)
9. Electronic publication date (CD Rom Only)
10. Name of Computer Service or Network (On-line Only)
11. Date of Access (On-line Only)

BTW, just in case anyone wasn't aware of it, the different "styles" (APA,
MLA, Turabian, Chicago) are basically different ways of giving out the
same information (Where you got the info, who wrote it, whatever).  The
different styles are sometimes important to different fields.  Since, to my
knowledge, there is no set SCA-Standard for which style the SCA *will*
use, if anyone critiques your style standards in an A&S competition (unless
such a standard has been declared FAR in advance), you have every right 
to a) get pissed off and b) chew them new bodily orifices at your leisure
since that sort of criticism is as much ego-masturbation as, unsolicitedly,
telling you that X,Y or Z is "not Period", or "THEY wouldn't have done it
that way". (FWIW, the latter is also a mis-use of the subjunctive, since 
either "THEY" *did*, "THEY" didn't, or "WE" don't know, but I think that ...)
If you put up with it, you're just encouraging them.

>Our head librarian recently spoke with the publisher of this book  
>and found that it will be updated in the very near future to contain 
>more current methods...

Cool.  I'll pass the word to the nice people in Acquisitions...

>methods of documenting internet sources.  Almost any of the *recent*
>editions will offer something.
Something I've *already* brought up to the nice people in Acquisitions...

>Disclaimer:  I don't claim to be a librarian of any kind...

That's ok, I can.  I not only bought the Degree, but finally found someone
goofy enough to pay me for it :)


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