Wedding Rings in Period

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Gunnora found the following interesting tidbit on wedding rings from 
a book. I own a paper back copy of that book. I was most interested in 
what it had to say about betrothal and wedding rings. 'Rings for the 
Finger" is a great book.     I 
would be happy to bring it out to fighter practice for any one that 
wishes to peruse it. Just call me and ask me to bring it. (Sorry, I 
will not loan it out, but photocopying arrangements can be made)

Call me at 280-3591

See you in the park,
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> Here's another interesting tidbit I gathered from the Historical Costuming
> news list.
> Enjoy!
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> i happened to find a book yesterday which discuessed (only a little) wedding
> rings and on which finger they were worn...i just wrote down some notes, so i'm
> only paraphrsing here:
> during the period of george I in england, the wedding ring was usually
> worn on the thumb (although it was placed on the fourth -- i guess what
> we consider the ring -- finger during the ceremony).  apparently very large
> wedding rings were fashionable which necessitated waering them on the
> thumb.
> in france from the 11th to the 15th centuries, they wre usually on the right
> hand, middle finger; s in some areas they were on the fourth finger.
> the guals and the britons of the 1st century wore the ring on the middle
> finger (didn't say which hand).
> the order of matrimony in england, pre-freformation said that men
> should wear their wedding ring on their right hand, women on the left.
> chirlandajo's frescoes in the curch of santa croce in florence show
> the betrothal of the ivrgin (make that backspace c key here)
> mary -- the ring is placed by joseph on mary's fourth vinger, right hand.
> during the betrothal of lucrezia borgia with giv ARGH make that giovanni
> sforza on feb. 2, 1493, the wedding (engagement) ring was placed on her
> fourth finger, left hand.
> and finally, an idea that might explain the custom of wearing the wedding
> ring on the thumb -- the second digit of the thumb was dedicated to
> the virgin mary.
> this is all from "rings for the finger", by george frederick kunz,
> dover press, 1917 (repreinted i believe late 1940s).  i found thi s book
> used at Green Apple Books on Clement St. in San Francisco (i didn't buy
> it so it's still there ) if any bay area people are interested.
> -Kendra Van Cleave
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