Good Enough? (Was Using the Web for Documentation?)

SusanKFord at SusanKFord at
Tue Oct 29 12:01:44 PST 1996

Talking about judging... two years ago I returned to the SCA after a four
year absence. I apprenticed and am showing my works around the kingdom. I'm
fairly new at this. Before, I usually gave my stuff to friends and gave it
away as prizes. I'm finding that the A&S tables are a whole new ball game.

So far, I have not had anything that I would consider mean spirited said
about my work. I've noticed the some places are more strict on documentation
requirements than others. I am still trying to feel my way around the display

What do I want? I want to learn. I am not afraid of criticism. I am always on
the lookout for new sources and new way ot doing things. I want to know how
period I have to get before entering an item. For example, I have several
stones that I poilished, made cabuchons, and made into rings. I ground the
stones on diamond wheels to make the cabochons. I did not know the period
method. Is it still OK to enter the items? (BTW if you have info on period
lapidary... I would love a suggestion).

I definitely want to know if my stuff is good enough. If it's not, well, be
kind... but tell me anyway.

Sigrid Eiriksdottir

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