Bjornsburg 20th

Tue Oct 29 15:15:13 PST 1996

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 Just wondering how the recent flooding in the hill country may affect the
 coming festivities.  Can anyone shed lght on this?  I would hate get almost
 to site and find a river blocking my path, or the site under water.  it
 make me think I was back in Bordermarsh.
  Hi folks.. I live in New Braunfels ( where Whitewater Sports is) and we
aren't having any high water problems over here... we're just glad to see
water in our rivers at all!  y'all come on out to Bjornsborg's 20th..  it
looks to be great fun!!
                                          Letha de Loc Airgead
                                         Ffynnon Gath, Ansteorra

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