Good Enough? (Was Using the Web for Documentation?)

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(Hi, Mrs. FitzLloyd!)

> I don't know that anyone has the "right" to chew anyone a new
> orifice, since I am a firm believer that bad behavior doesn't
> justify more bad behavior in return.

bless you bless you bless you ...

> "God is in the details."  (Anybody know the architect who said
> that?)

I remember seeing a discussion about this; unfortunately, I don't
recall where, and the book I suspect is still in one of 29 cardboard
boxen.  I think it was in _Quoth the Maven_ by William Safire.  IIRC,
he discussed both "God is in the details" and "The devil is in the
details", finding plenty of people who quoted them but no origin.

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