Margrave/Vormund II-Plague

dennis grace amazing at
Wed Oct 30 09:59:46 PST 1996

>>That's a toadally bad pun, Aquilanne.
>>I have a question, though:  If two laurels were to argue about the type of
>>ribbing to use, wouldn't it be just a tad polemic?
>>Zara Zina

I would say it would depend on how swimmingly they got along.

>Your Excellency,
>Such a croaker seems to invite the jump to some conclusions.
>Yes, let us bull on through and tree this, before the web-footed among our 
>friends give tongue and let fly arrows of poison rage. It would be a 
>terrible thing if the leopard had to swim into the fray.
>Hopping on past the bandwagon (which is, of course, bound for Toadsuck, 
>Arkansas), in order to join the chorus,
>Amra (feeling particularly foolish at the moment...)
>Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra

And you, sir, seem a worthy opponent in pun-nishment!   What an honor to
have such words beastoad upon the list!


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