Margrave/Vormund II-Plague

Bruce Padget niccolo at
Wed Oct 30 15:22:07 PST 1996

> >The plagued frog contest is...well it's a game based on the idea that
> >the plague is carried by the frog. Prizes are given for *best death* and
> >for the last standing alive, obviously the plague carrier.
> >Gunhilda, want to take it from here?
> >Britta..

To which was replied....
> If you were planning on making a corset to wear while playing this game,
> could it be soft, or would you have to rib it?
> Aquilanne

I thought we toad you to stop doing this sort of thing, Aquilanne.  Will 
sterner measures be needed to wart you off?

(a lurker from Artemisia)

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