A&S judging

Pug Bainter pug at interval.net
Thu Oct 31 06:32:45 PST 1996

> Another problem I have seen is that there are some people who want to
> display just so they can get nice warm fuzzies and feel good about
> themselves... they do not want a critique, all they want to hear is how
> wonderful their widget is.  And if a judge tries to do their job and provide
> a critique, there are some folks who absolutely cannot accept any criticism,
> no matter how positive and constructive it may be.

Good Morning,

  I know personally, that I want to enter only displays as well as receive
  any *constructive* criticism I can get during them or at events. (I can
  get the other kind of criticism anytime. *grin*)

  I have this strange feeling about "competitions" that just doesn't fit
  right with me. Part of this is due to the fact that brewing can not be
  judged against Viking bone carving, weaving (except from said drink),
  armor making, etc.

  Since I am getting more serious about doing this "right", I am going
  to be paying more attention to documentation, presentation besides the
  actual work at displays and competitions.


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