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Mike Baker mbaker at rapp.com
Thu Oct 31 13:10:00 PST 1996

> Have you ever tried using a grinding wheel?  I've often considered that
> might give me even better control over what I come up with than the nasty
> electrical sort (although it *would* be much harder work.)

Hand- or foot-powered, I presume you mean? Yes, but I don't have current 
access and find that it really gives me more control to use hand-held 
stones. At least for my current level of experience on both...

Pet peeve alert!: Anyone who sharpens a decent knife or other edged tool on 
a modern bench grinder should usually be taken back of the woodshed and 
TALKED to ... and then used for crossbow practice if they continue their 
transgressions. The electric can opener "sharpeners" and their brothers are 
typically even worse. (Now, don't get me wrong: there *ARE* professionals 
out there with good equipment who do marvelous things with a bench grinder. 
They aren't using the typical too-high-RPM motor & too-coarse-grit 
modernstone wheel, and they have mucho experience in the use of their 

> conclusion that you should use only hand tools for doing the fine work on
> horn and bone since the power tools can burn the material, and the
> vibrations can destroy a piece.  OTOH, it may just be that *I* shouldn't
> use power tools on them :)

Actually, if you can reduce the RPM sufficiently you should be able to 
eliminate the burning. May have to reconsider your selection of mandrel / 
tool / drive / clamp / etc. as well. (I am still learning to speak "Dremel" 
and sub-dialects thereof.)

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