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Thu Oct 31 15:42:58 PST 1996

>Lady Caitrin said:
>Baronial service awards carry an AOA?  I didn't know that.  I thought they
>were non-armidgiuos (sp).  It is great to learn new things!!!

Actually, it depends on what you mean by Baronial Service awards.  
Here's a good clue: the one which confers an AoA is usually an "Order" 
of which the recipient is made a member (or companion to).  Technically,
the Crown must approve adding new members to these Orders and, often-
times, the members of the Order have the right to counsel the Baron/
Baroness on potential candidates.  Other examples of these types of 
Orders are: the Oak of the Steppes,  de Cotes Anciennes (Eldern), The
Heart of the Sable Storm (Namron), and the Sodality of the Sentinels 
of the Stargate.  Most (if not all) Baronies have some type of 
service order such as these. 

Confusion arises when a Baron/Baroness create an award to be given
when they feel an individual has done much to serve their group, 
but may not be ready (for whatever reason) for an award conferring 
rank.  These awards are known as Baronial service awards, and, because 
they are non-armigerous, the Crown does not need to approve them, nor 
does the name and badge need the approval of the college of heralds.  
These awards are given solely at the discretion of the Baron/Baroness.
A few examples of this type of award are:  the Torsad (Namron), the 
Flint & Steel (Wiesenfeuer), and the Acorn (yes?) of Steppes. 

I'm sure there are a few heraldic types out there who might be able 
to explain this better.  Please feel free to do so, as this is easily 
a very confusing issue (especially for new people), and the question 
seems to come up more and more often.  

- Kat

Baroness Katrionna MacLochlainn
Barony of Wiesenfeuer
Office of the Sable Scroll

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