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I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at centum.utulsa.edu
Thu Oct 31 22:43:17 PST 1996

<Aquilanne<amazing at mail.utexas.edu (dennis grace)>>
>It's unfortunate that you may have misread my
>words as condescension of your intellectual facility. That is not the case.

Okie doke.  My apologies for misconstruing your meaning.
>First, the ellipses that represent the snip in the middle of my sentence
>above also represent an altering of context.  What I was objecting to when I
>said "that's not exactly fair," was your implying that the "goodie want"
>value is particular to the SCA....

If you say that I altered your context, then again I apologize.  I was
merely trying to boil out the essence of the paragraph as I saw it, while
shortening the amount of quoting that was necessary.

I think though, that if you felt I was singling out the SCA, then I
am not the only one misconstruing meanings.  I was referring specifically
to the SCA since that is the topic at hand in this discussion.  The fact
that there are such people elsewhere does not alter the fact that they
exist here.  The only real point then is whether they constitute a 
minority or a large portion of the populace.  On that point, I suspect
we are going to remain in disagreement.,

>...Second, just the word choice of "if you don't get a goodie,
>what's the point?" is devaluative, thereby strongly implying that, yes, you
>believe something is wrong with wanting recognition...

It *is* a devaluative, but I thought it was clear that I have an utter
disregard towards that mentality, that single minded focus on getting
recognition over simply doing a thing because it has its own merit.

>...If you find it difficult to remain open to opportunities for 
>enlightenment because you're in a competitive arena, it will just make it 
>more difficult for you to reach those laurels of victory...

If you say so.

>I beg to differ; I believe it is _you_ who have missed _my_ point. I neither
>said nor claimed that "*everything* is a competition".  You're assigning
>unwarranted meanings to my words...

Somehow I suspect that I am not alone in such assigning unwarranted meanings.

>Once again, when you loosely paraphrase, original meaning is lost.

Once again, if you say so.

>I'm sorry you feel that way.  Do you feel that way?  I thought you agreed
>that we should give supportive feedback.  I would consider such an attitude
>kind and nurturing.

Again, I believe that there is a difference between *competition*, and 
(even a constructive) evaluation of one's work.  While you *can* have the
latter in the the former, it is not be the principle goal of the former.


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