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The current issue of Smoke & Fire News lists the following gems from the
pen of Cathy Johnson, a historical interpreter at Ft. Osage in KC. Enough
are transportable to the SCA that I thought I'd share.
- Eilinel

You Know You're A Re-enactor When:

You have more period clothing in your closet than modern.

You find yourself wearing some of them to the grocery store or the mall
and feeling quite comfortable in them.

You  don't care WHAT the movie reviewer said, if they're wearing costumes
you're GOING.

Your wish list includes a French tulle, and you're not referring to a
prom dress.

You own so many books that your floor joists are beginning to buckle.

You let your hair grow long even though it doesn't really look that good
on you.

You stop shaving your legs and underarms because "they" didn't.

You are more likely to say "good day" than "hi".

Your bill at the fabric store looks like the national debt.

You do a burn test at the fabric store for natural fibers and set off the
smoke alarm.

You have marched around a table fulling a wet wool blanket and singing
"if it wasna for the work o' the weavers, wha' wou' we do".

You pick a bushel of black walnuts, throw away the meats and use the
hulls to dye clothing.

You buy ferrous sulfate tablets at the health food store & use them to
mordant fabric for dyeing.

You actually like a mix of colors and patterns that look pretty garish.

Someone uses the word "shift" and you automatically think of an article
of clothing instead of the hours they work.

Someone says "that's a great coat" and you say "No, this one's a

You want new silver earrings for your birthday - and you're a guy.

You're legally blind, but you try to see out of teeny-tiny little

You haven't worn a girdle since you were fourteen and you actually
consider making a pair of stays (corset).

You insist you're more comfortable wearing said stays.

You steal the squirrels' ear corn & try to parch it.

You prefer parched corn to popcorn.

You consider picking up road kill for its fur.

You know what "plews" are.  (I dunno)

You stand around an unheated log fort all weekend when it's 10 degrees

You sleep on the ground in a single blanket when it's 4 degrees out.

You know how to make lye soap and like to use it.

Your new car is a van because it's easier to haul your stuff to events.


I recognize myself, my hubby, and any number of friends & acquaintances
here.  The guilty know who you are. :-)

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