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Here's another of those interesting tidbits from the Historical Costuming

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>I am a theatre tech student majoring in costuming, and have a question no
>one has been able to give me a clear answer on.  Sometime back I heard a
>rumour that there was an IBM program out there that could be used for
>designing costume.


There are a number of software packages designed for the home sewer that
might work.  Check out
It's a page listing most of these packages with comments on them & links
to places where you can download free demos of them.  If you are specifically
looking for something designed for the theatre, then I only know of one
software package.  It's called "B Famous on Stage".  The web page for it is
I haven't used any of them myself, but I imagine that at least one of these
programs would be useful to you.

To the person who mentioned "Fittingly Sew": I was under the impression that
the company that developed this is no longer selling it.  Did another company
pick it up? I was thinking about buying it, but they discontinued it before
I could make up my mind.  :(

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