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Tue Oct 8 11:56:53 PDT 1996

Greetings all,

I have a question for you.  Why can't children participate in baufer weapon
lists?  I have been told that there are other kingdoms that do allow their
children to do this.  Why doesn't Ansteorra?   I have also been told that in
Corpora, it says that no one under the age of sixteen is allowed to
participate in combat, is this true, and if so, can you let me know where, so
that I can read it, please.  

In light of this, I began thinking (uh-oh, I'm in trouble, been thinking
again).  I have an 11 year old who protests that he can't fight.  I thought
of teaching him at home, but then thought of the ramifications of bruises on
his body from rattan, and the school gym class.  I also thought of a growing
body, being hit with rattan and possible growth troubles.  But still, my
child wants to fight at events in a list.  I would love to see him fight at
events in a list.  

We saw some pool floaties, bought them, and designed weapons.  He now has
three swords, a mace and a war hammer.  These weapons have had to repaired
with the ever famous duck tape, because the adults love to fight also.  It is
a blast for all of us to fight with these closed cell weapons.

But.....I told my son that I would start writing up and then submit something
to see if the children could be allowed to fight.  I haven't gotten much,
because when I ask a question, most of what I get is "I don't know"  or "kids
can't fight".  So I ask your help please.  This is what I have so far, with
your info, I could work more on this and then submit it up the "chain of
command" and see what happens.

Baufer weapons:  Defination:  a weapon composed of closed cell foam and duck
taped.  Weapon may not contain PVC pipe, or any other similiar materials, for
innards.  The exception is the handles of weapons.  Spears are not allowed.
 No weapon is to exceed the length of the height of the child.  Weapon must
be at least two inches in diameter after being taped.  Weapon must have a
compression of at least 1/4 inch.  (Is this not enough, or to much?)  When
using PVC pipe in a handle, pipe must be covered with at least 1/4 inch of
closed cell foam and then duck taped.  Also, all ends of the pipe must be
likewise covered.

Armor:  I was thinking something along the lines of what we are required to
wear.  I don't think with baufer weapons though, that the helm needs to be
the same.  Suggenstions??????   Also, I'm not sure that metal knees and
elbows are really needed, but yet something is.  Again, Suggestions?????

Shields:  Suggestions?????

These are some basic rules I was thinking would be a good idea.
No child under the age of six years or three feet tall may fight.  Children
shall be matched with opponents within the same height range.
 Parents/Gaurdians must be at the field for their child to fight.  No
parent/gaurdian, no child fighting, no exceptions.  Written consent form must
be signed by parent prior to the child fighting.  Gaurdians may not sign
consent form.

Again, this is just an idea of mine that I really need the help with.  What
I've written is in no way anything even remotely or close to official.  (that
was my disclaimer)  

Sorry for the length of this posting.  If you wish to send me suggestions and
not take up space here, please feel free.  Again thanks for your help.

Catrin Mac Cracken
Caitrin3 at

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