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Koch, KA Kimberly 4384 KochKA at gvl.esys.com
Tue Oct 8 13:25:27 PDT 1996

I figured I'd better correct my math before someone else does.  The below 
only applies if order matters, i.e. if A fighting B is unique from B 
fighting A.  Which it's not.  If everybody fights everybody else once, 
that's only 136 fights.  How many more fights you have after that all 
depends on who wins the most fights and how you run the finals.  A Swiss 17 
is probably almost do-able.  I think.

Thyra Pseudomathperson

Hey, just because my degree's in math, that doesn't mean I'm any good at it.

From: Koch, KA Kimberly (4384)
To: ansteorra
Subject: Re: Lyonesse was Re: principalities...border
Date: Tuesday, October 08, 1996 9:09AM

>The concept of running a Swiss 17+ makes my head spin a bit.  I'll
>let some math person tell us about how many fights that would be.

17!  =  17*16*15*...*2*1  =  approx.  3.557*10^14  =   355,700,000,000,000

Cool!  Let's do it!  At least no one would complain about not getting enough 
fighting in.  :)  Now, who wants to listmistress?

 -Thyra Mathperson

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