Western Sentinel Directions?& other INFO?

Larkin O'Kane larkin at apache.webstar.net
Thu Oct 10 06:13:19 PDT 1996

On 10 Oct 96 11:43 , Stacy A Blevins wrote:

> Help! , Please !
> I need some information about Western Sentinal this weekend in
> Blacklake. ie : Are pets allowed? Wet/Dry site? Any info will be
> greatly appreciated. Thanks Ariana Blethyn (Stacy Blevins) at
> Arian-s_zoo at juno.com
> PS : Thanks for the directions Larkin!

You're welcome. The Autocrat's phone number is (915)524-2671. Don't 
know who it is though <gr>. Tried to call for you but the line is 

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