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Wed Oct 16 09:31:49 PDT 1996

Lyonel here.

I've got a few questions for this list.

Okay, His Grace the Kingdom Seneschal has withdrawn the query concerning the
tripartite proncipality suggestion, and the conspiracy smoke seems to be
clearing.  Although I certainly do not concur with much of the panic and
fooforaw (but SERIOUS fooforaw--all folderol, no fiddle-dee-dee) generated
by that discussion, I know the initial suggestion to be flawed in a number
of respects.  The largest problem I see with the previously tabled
suggestion is the near-impossibility of planning and creating three
principalities from a single plan.   No, principalities have to be created
one at a time and, as Mistress Meadhbh and others have suggested, from
within the groups.

Baron Jeremy and others in the Bryn Gwlad area have proferred support for
the idea of creating principalities, so I would like to suggest we narrow
the scope and begin considering PRINCIPALITY in the singular around the Bryn
Gwlad area.  IF--and for the moment I want to keep this in the
subjunctive--IF we were to form a principality which included Bryn Gwlad
(no, I'm not suggesting any sort of primacy or centrality for Bryn Gwlad--I
just happen to be writing from there), what other groups should be included
in that principality? 

What groups in physical proximity would wish to be included?  Do the
boundaries of the Southern Region have any actual reality for its citizens?
Is their any sense of neighborhood to the Southern Region?  If so, shouldn't
we at least start considering a less mundane (see also dry, boring, dull,
soporific, ennui-inducing, stagnant, bland, blah) name for this region?

Certainly I've seen enough interaction between Bryn Gwlad and folk from
Bjornsborg, Fynnon Gath, and Tempio to warrant their inclusion in any such
venture, but that doesn't mean those groups will all wish to be included.
So what of it?  Do you wish to be included?  Excluded?  Why?

NOTA BENE--If we form a principality that is either surrounded by the
remainder of Ansteorra or which cuts a swath through Ansteorra, we would be
forbidden from forming a separate kingdom.  I think this is a preferable
condition--Ansteorra is neither large enough nor politically divided enough
to warrant division.  Hoping to generate some discussion (but, please,
FRIENDLY discussion), I remain
as always

Yours in e-Service 

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

Dennis G. Grace
Postmodern Medievalist
Assistant Instructor
Division of Rhetoric and Composition
University of Texas at Austin

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