Crown Tournament

dennis grace amazing at
Sat Oct 19 21:36:43 PDT 1996

Lyonel here--stuck at home, broke.  

I though this would be all over the list by now.  Does anyone have results
yet from Crown Tournament?  Who won?  Who did anything else outstanding?  It
is over by now, isn't it?  What devastating/spectacular things occured?

Yours in Impatient Service

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
Dennis G. Grace
Postmodern Medievalist
Division of Rhetoric and Composition
Department of English
University of Texas at Austin
amazing at

Baro, metetz en guatge                    |  Lords, pawn your castles,
Chastels e vilas e ciutatz                |  your towns and cities.
Enanz qu'usquecs no'us guerreiatz         |  Before you're beat to the draw,
                                                    draw your swords.

                   -- Bertran de Born (a really fun Viscount)

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