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Mark Harris mark_harris at riscgate.sps.mot.com
Mon Oct 21 18:12:20 PDT 1996

Mari stated:

>That's my two-cents worth.  If anyone's interested in the particular 
>citations, e-mail me and I'll try and find them.  If there's good info to 
>the otherwise, I'd like to have that, too.

Please do.

It was my memory (from a long ago read children's book on railroads) that
the US rail guage was different from the British. The railroads in the
US near the beginning were a variety of different guages. They tried to
make railroad cars whose wheels would change guage as needed, but had
a number of messy failures. The US President then started an investigation,
found out about the reason for the British guage and declared a different,
uniform size. But perhaps I'm remembering wrong and he actually proposed
the British guage as the US standard.

Stefan li Rous

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