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Fri Oct 25 19:02:43 PDT 1996

Lord Jovian possibly muttered...

>Seriously, though. Mistress Gunnora put some very helpful material on 
>the newsgroup for us to use (thanks Gunnora!) How about Greek 
>pronounciation and phrases? A basic primer of "yes" "no" "how are you 
>today" "excuse me while I pillage your castle, steal you blind, burn 
>out your eyes, and kidnap your women" and other helpful phrases.

Ask and ye shall receive:(compliments of my YaYa)

yes - "ma'lista"
no  - "o'hi"  (short i+ee  'oh hee'
how are you today - "pos isthe si'mera"
excuse me...etc-  "parakalo thelo na katastrepso tin ikian sas, klepso o'la
ta          ipar'honta sas, na kapso ta matya sas, ke na klepso ti yine'ka sas!

>Another question: I just got another book on Byzantine history and 
>they state that Medieval Greek and Modern Greek are very similar. Does 
>this mean that I can pick up modern Greek textbooks and phrase books 
>and speak closely to how my persona would have?

According to my yaya(Grandma), the midieval greek and modern greek are
fairly simlar, as opposed to ancient greek, which is quite different. She
said that most of the Greek orthodox hymms in the church today date back to
before the Roman Catholics split off, back to the founding days of the
Christian church.

>Grace and Peace,
>Jovian Skleros

(who can only remember enough Greek to get him through Easter Service)

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