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Pat McGregor pat at
Sun Oct 27 20:19:39 PST 1996

Greetings from siobhan medhbh o'roarke, one of the SCA Webmasters.

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As of today, October 27, SCA members (except Australian)
can send changes of mailing address to the member services office 
using your WWW browser! 

Go to the SCA, Inc., web page ( and look for the
information on membership. The link is right below the address for the
member services office.

The changes of address will be sent to the member services office where
they will be processed. Unfortunately, we do not yet have direct links
into the member services database, so your changes will be processed 
by hand. However, we hope the ease of this service will be of benefit to
you, and we are looking into ways to bring you better electronic
service through the website.

This facility was brought to you by Iulstan Sigewealding, 
(mka Stephen R. Gold, HTML Designer) and Aldric of the Northmark 
(mka Glenn McGregor, System Administrator, Hostmaster for the domain).

The next services we are working on are postscript copies of the
membership form and an online-Stock-Clerk form, both of which you can
print out and send or fax to the member services office.

in service, I remain,
Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke	/ Pat McGregor/ siobhan at
House Northmark, Mountain's Gate, Cynagua, The West

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