Laurel's Prize Tourney Update

Gunnora Hallakarva gunnora at
Mon Oct 28 07:50:46 PST 1996

Heilsa, All!

I spoke with our esteemed Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, Thomas of
Tenby last night regarding Laurel's Prize Tourney.

Before I get to the details, let me tell you *why* you want to display your
artwork at Laurel's Prize Tourney!  You have a great chance to bring home
loot!  Yes, the Laurels and even some members of the populace will be
bringing gifts, often their own handiwork, to give to the artisans who most
impress them.  (The fighters have been getting ransoms paid to them for
years, artisans, now is your chance to get neat stuff!)  There are also
several Special Prizes being offered in many categories (see list at the
bottom of this missive).  Many of the gifts and prizes will be amazing. I
myself am offering a carved reliquary box of faux ivory as a prize for a
non-fiber Norse/Viking work.

I know that there are many procrastinators in this lovely Kingdom of ours...
because Thomas hasn't received Letters of Intent from everyone whose work is
outstanding and should be on display at this event!

Laurel's Prize Tourney is fast approaching. Have you sent in your Letter of
Intent if you plan to display?  Artisans and Laurels who will be displaying
all need to get in a Letter of Intent *IMMEDIATELY*  The deadline is
November 1, 1996.  All Letters of Intent must be snail mailed to:

Master Thomas of Tenby
c/o G.E. Martt
P.O. Box 7764
Austin, TX 78713-7764

Letters of Intent sent via e-mail will *not* be eligible.

Your Letter of Intent must include:
(1) SCA Name and local group name
(2) Modern name, address & phone number
(3) A statement regarding your intent to display static art and how much
room you'll need (i.e., 1/2 of an 8-ft banquet table, 1/4 of a table, or a
whole table)
(4) A statement regarding your intent to present any performances.

The deadline has already passed for entering written work, such as poetry or
research papers, alas!

If you have any questions or need clarification, call Master Thomas at
(512)458-1485.  Or see the official rules listed pp. 6-7 in the October
Black Star.

(1) This is a body of work display: select one or more pieces of your work
that best represent your skills.
(2) Documentation is required, with at least 3 sources. 
(3) You can have up to one 8-ft table for your display.  Tell Thomas if you
need less space!  If you need more space, you'll need to tell  Thomas in
Your Letter of Intent, and plan on bringing additional tables, display
manniquins, etc.  This hall doesn't allow us to hang anything from the walls
or ceiling, so if you want to display a hanging, banner, etc. you'll need to
make arrangements to bring a frame to display it on.
(4) Performances will get *at least* one 5 minute performance.  If there are
not tons of performers, there will be more time available per performer.  As
of last night I think Thomas said he had six performers who had sent in
Letters of Intent, so that leaves plenty of time for each to present more
than one piece, but this may change as entries arrive in the mail!
(5) Groups may enter performances.  This requires a separate Letter of
Intent on behalf of the group.  Individuals may not perfrom in more than one
(6) Children may display, and a special Children's Prize is being offered,
but kids also must have a Letter of Intent sent in (or sent by their
parents) by Nov 1.
(7) Laurels may display and receive word-fame and largess from their peers.
Laurels are not eligible for the special prizes, but can still go home with
goodies and loot!
(8) You must be present to enter.  In Body of Work displays the artist
remains with his or her display, and thus has a fantastic opportunity to
discuss their work with the Laurels.  I've heard complaints of "No one reads
my documentation!"... here you have a chance to explain your documentation!
Plus, you get a chance to get live, one-on-one feedback from the most
noteable artists in Ansteorra.

THE SPECIAL PRIZES (Trumpet Fanfare, Ta-Da-Da-Ta-Daaaaa!)
Special Prizes are being offered for the following:
* the art of painting
* an artistic letter of intent
* an original illumination
* an original calligraphy
* decorative metalwork
* embroidery
* a painted wall-hanging
* a non-fiber Norse/Viking work
* an Anglo-Saxon or Scandinavian performance
* Middle Eastern dancing
*a work with an Arthurian theme
* poetry
* a research paper
* a utilitarian work
* deserts or subtleties
* vinting or cordials
* plus many other gifts that have not been previously announced!!

I hope to see you all there!


Gunnora Hallakarva
Ek eigi visa (th)ik hversu o(dh)lask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna
heldr hversu na Hersis-A(dh)al

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