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Richard L. Rohde talen at
Fri Aug 1 08:56:29 PDT 1997

Well, little did I know how my soapbox speech would set off other's 
"hot buttons".  First, I'd like to begin by saying that if I've 
offended anyone by *my* beliefs, it was not intended.  Yes, this is a 
sore point that I have, but I should have sent the message off after 
sleeping on it then rereading it.  I intended to do the same in my 
response to Mistress Gunnora, but in the rush of trying to leave for a 
tech call in OKC I checked my mail and forgot that it automatically 
sends out what's in the outbox.  I hope that I didn't eat any shoe 
leather on that as well.

More importantly, in my original message I meant no disparaging remarks 
on Their Majesties Court (either one).  The only references to this 
court were in my opening statements on the fact that I couldn't hear a 
lot of what was going on.  All other statements dealt with courts in 
general.  I too enjoyed the music in court.  I feel Viscount Galen did 
a fine job attempting to let the populace know what had transpired.   
 Sir Axel's oath was loud enough to hear well, though my Finnish is 
rusty and I didn't understand anything until he got to the English part 

I do agree with many of you that pageantry is part of court, and that 
court should be entertaining.  What I stated earlier, and which I still 
believe, is that court is not *required* to be such.  Court is 
business.  The other is icing.  A Crown that has entertaining courts 
will be better remembered when people are deciding on whether or not to 
attend a court.  And those that are sticks in the mud may find that few 
people other than us rabid Mooneschadeens attend them.

I will admit to being a little anal when I stated that I think people 
should have an idea where someone that they've recommended might be. 
 This is how I do it, but it is unreasonable to expect that for others. 
 This is something I would have deleted if I'd taken the time to sleep 
on it.

Anyway, I've enjoyed the debate and getting to see other's views on 
court.  I think this type of healthy debate is necessary to identify 
the pulse of the kingdom, or at least the *electronic* pulse.  That is, 
as long as we remain civil.

Yours in Service,

Centurion Talen Gustaf von Marienburg, Kriegsherr von Nordsteorra
Ritterlichkeit und Ehre ---- Chivalry and Honour
Personal E-mail: talen at
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