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Burke McCrory bmccrory at
Fri Aug 1 09:29:44 PDT 1997

At 10:26 AM 8/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Now I know how Timo feels.  Good Lady, it is not _Sir_ Talen, though I 
>shall strive to be worthy of that appellation.  Thanks.
>Centurion Talen Gustaf von Marienburg, Kriegsherr von Nordsteorra
>Ritterlichkeit und Ehre ---- Chivalry and Honour
>Personal E-mail: talen at
>Centurion Web Site:

O'boy now I am going to have to let some air out of my squires
ego...........  :)

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

mka Burke McCrory
email:  burkemc at

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