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Fri Aug 1 19:45:25 PDT 1997

Sir Burke wrote

> The Chivalry guard the land
> when there is no Crown, the Lions keep the Sable Sword safe from harm as
> the embodiment of the land, the Order of the Rose keeps the crown of the
> consort hidden and safe from harm, etc.. 

This is something that I have wondered, silently, about for some time. I know
there are several different groups and there is a reason for each, but I'm
still relatively new to the SCA and I don't have any idea what most of them are
for. How about anyone who is a member of a group post the function of the
group? For example, Centurions.... I'm fairly sure its a heavy weapons group,
but beyond that I'm lost.

Sir Burke also wrote
>But before you speak as an old time player who has seen all of this
> many times before, what about the new person attending their first
> Corination.  Would you rob them of part of the magic just because you have
> become bored?

I agree, like I said, I'm still fairly new, and I've only attended one
coronation, Duke Mikeal of Monmouthshire's last one. I didn't know what to
expect when I went, but the pageantry was great, and it's something I will
probably always remember. For most of the time I was about halfway back in the
hall, and quite frankly the only items that I heard from the front was the
initial challenge, and Sir Barn's stepping down from the office of Earl
Marshall. However, this didn't change my enjoyment. After I moved to the back
of the hall, I completely lost track of the ceremony, because most, not all, of
the people were engaged in their own conversations. I wasn't upset by this
then, and I'm not now, because I could have moved back up. I realize that isn't
an option when we're talking about the front rows not being able to hear, but
that comes down to two things: projection, which always helps, and courtesy. I
was taught to listen when someone was speaking, not to talk over them. Yes, I'm
quiet in theaters too :)

Llygoden Llwyd
Barony of Wiesenfeuer
mka Phillip Stallcup
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