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Russell Kinder russmax at
Sun Aug 3 20:34:05 PDT 1997

Elyh at wrote:
> >>1.  What is a "newbie"?  Is that similar to the children's television
> program which displays "good bees" and "bad bees"??????  We don't have
> "newbies" in Ansteorra, Caladin.  We have new members, we have new
> interests, we have folks recently introduced to the Society and
> Ansteorran customs and culture.  However, we simply DO NOT HAVE
> "newbies"!!!<<
> Oh no, not again!!!!  Come off it!! It's just a word.  A harmless little word
> that insults no one except a select few people to whom the word does not even
> apply.  Get over it, guys.  If a couple of people like to use the word 'chic'
> instead of 'woman', or if we call someone a 'girl' instead of 'young
> femperson'.....  the world will not fall apart.
> It really does insult me that some people are so petty as to quibble over
> phraseology.  It doesn't matter.  The fact that of all the worlds problems we
> could be working to solve, someone has chosen the word "newbie" to pick
> on....  well it just makes me want to scream.    Political correctness is a
> waste of my precious aol-minutes, and I'd like to see it off the list.  I'm
> serious.  Let's talk about chivalry and grace, let's discuss honor, let's
> talk about our garb, our personnas, our magic moments, or any other subject
> relevent to our society.  But if the word "newbie" is all we have to talk
> about here, then I will gladly un-subscribe and go play on some other
> kingdom's list serv.
> sincerely,
> a very offended--
> Ghia

WELL! I am offended that you are so offended. Where do you get off? to
use a phrase in common vernacular. You respond like a person grievously
insulted by what was a short and witty post. Your diatribe is longer and
far more harshly spoken than that which offended you. Therefore, your
credibility is much reduced.

I personally don't like the use of "newbie" to describe new players,
though I suppose it's better than "fresh meat". How about "new subjects"
to sound more period?

Lighten up,

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