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eric caladin at
Sun Aug 3 23:15:52 PDT 1997

>1.  What is a "newbie"?  <snip>  However, we simply DO NOT HAVE "newbies"!!!

Well, I was raised in a military family, where in we used the term 'newbie'
to indicate someone whe needs a little extra help to get things rolling,
when trying something in which they have little experience....

I think we have those... even if we call them "Yellow feathers" (which i
still think is a good idea to set out people who need a little extra
friendlyness to wean them in...)

Before anyone brings up the "offensiveness" of the word, I personally think
of it as a familier term, MORE friendly than 'newcommer', or 'entry level
gentle' or whatever...

And as with any other word, when used innnaccuratly, THAT should be the
issue, not the word...

Completely un-offended, and <very> mildly amused...

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