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 On Thu, 31 Jul 1997 21:47:51 +0200, Thorgrim wrote:
 >Speaking of old-timers fighting, maybe the Kingdom could come up with an
 >entire band of aged fighters, have them practice together, and then
 >appear at wars together.  Yeah!  This is a great idea!!  Call it
 >(ta-daaahhh!)  the WALKER BRIGADE!!!
 >Hee hee hee hee hee (etc etc etc)
  Before you laugh too hard Thorgrim, remember the song "The Crippled
 Shield Wall?"
 === >>

For those who don't.. here are the Lyrics.. I have it on tape.. it sounds
great.. I played it for Kief once...
By Leslie Fish 
Consider the plight of the one-legged knight 
As he braces his crutch with his shield 
He'll stand still and wait 'til you come for the bait 
Then you'll find that the bastard won't yield! 
        Do you knock his one leg down, there's still no relief 
        He'll crawl down the field with his sword in his teeth 
        And the reach of his sword-arm defies all belief 
        When he fights in the Cripple's Shield-Wall! 

Beware the old dame who's arthritic and lame 
So knee-sprung she barely can stand 
For her hands and her eye are still steady and spry 
She's the best crossbow shot in the land! 
        With a repeating crossbow and war-arrow blade 
        She can pierce any armor that's ever been made 
        Be glad she's not drawn to the highwayman's trade! 
        She just fights in the Cripple's Shield-Wall! 

No profit you'll find from the knight who is blind 
He can hear you twelve paces away 
He'll listen off-hand 'til he's sure where you stand 
Then his bill-hook reaps far more then hay! 
        He can fight in the forest, the river, the plain 
        With his hearing unhampered by dark, fog or rain 
        He must know his ground, but he'll sure bring you pain 
        As he fights in the Cripple's Shield-Wall! 

Pray do not go near the knight who can't hear 
Though he can't tell command-calls at all 
He reads signs from his friends, and his post he defends 
With a lightning fast seven foot maul! 
        They say when it's whirling, it raises a breeze 
        And the head on its' chain has been known to break trees 
        So when he starts swinging, the prudent man flees 
        Where he fights in the Cripple's Shield-Wall! 

Watch out in the fight for the cripple-armed knight 
Whose hand can't swing up --- only down 
For he'll watch thru the dance 'til he spies a good chance 
Then his downstroke will cost you your crown! 
        His shield-arm will raise up his sword-arm and then 
        He'll watch for his chance with his downstroke again 
        You know that he'll strike -- but you never know when 
        And he fights in the Cripple's Shield-Wall! 

Beware, I implore, all you masters of war 
Who prefer to draft healthy young boys 
For the blind and the lame can be good at this game 
When well-placed, defending the toys 
        They've learned their art well, and they strike hard and true 
        If they've something to prove, then they'll prove it on you! 
        The last line on Earth that you'd want to drive thru 
        You can swear is the Cripple's Shield-Wall! 
        Beware of the Cripple's Shield-Wall! 
copyright 1991 Leslie Fish 

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