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Steve Hendricks steve at
Fri Aug 1 09:58:44 PDT 1997

On behalf of the Bryn Gwlad Music guild members Patience, Lady Ruth,
Goldwyn, and myself, as well as Master Avatar and Eowyn ferch Rhys,
thank you all for the kind words you have had about the music at
coronation.  It worries me sometimes that we get little response at
events, and that we do get is often from other musicians.  I'm never
sure if the general populace is afraid to approach us or if they can
even hear us.  Of course at coronation, we were positioned in a location
behind the royal pavilion where we were not easily available to the
folks in the audience.  Please come talk with us or ask us questions
about the music or our instruments, folks.  We live for that stuff.

While I agree that court is an inappropriate venue for a concert, and
that it is unreasonable to expect quiet during a performance there, I
find the choice of words "filler and background" a bit dismissive.  I'm
sure no offense was meant, but artists can be sensitive about being
classified as "filler."  We would prefer "atmosphere," or perhaps
"incredibly wonderful, beautiful sounds wafting down from the heavens."

I'm glad we could perform in court this last weekend, as autocrats often
seem to forget to include music in their plans.  I had not played at
court in about 3 or 4 years before this last Saturday.  It would have
been wonderful to perform fanfares and flourishes for the entries of the
nobles -- in fact, I had written a 4 part fanfare to use this weekend --
but things were so busy we never got to coordinate it.

Musicians are happy to take part in official ceremonies, so please ask
us.  We'll be glad to contribute.

Lord Samuel Piper
Bryn Gwlad Music Guild
steve at

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