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Sat Aug 2 21:33:34 PDT 1997

Heilsa all Pennsic travelers...

Kief here, writing from Lorraine's account.

>Kief had heard from Horoun that Gas prices are high untill you reach
>West Memphis and Memphis, and that Nashville has relatively low gas
>prices also but everywhere else prices are sky high.
>Lorraine DeerSlayer

As much as I love my Lady Lorraine...she is slightly wrong on this. Prices for
gas are cheapest in West Memphis / Memphis and Nashville. While higher, the
prices are _much_ better this year than this time last year... *smile*

Only a few isolated stations between Memphis and Nashville are high. As well
the stations between the major cities on the I-state are pricey...

HL Don Horoun says, "The weather is fine, the camp site is cosy and a bit
bumpy, and the natives friendly... Come on up to the War...!" The Ansteorran
Encampment will be sporting a "new look" this year. We will have a new version
of the Tower, a Grimm's Tent, and a screened Courtyard... These modifications
are brought to you by the _Greater Ansteorran Engineers and Encampment Erection
Counted among this august group are HL Katerina, HL Don Horoun, HE Clarissa,
the Squire Jehan, HL Lorraine, and many others that have given of their time
and skill. I do want to thank a few more folks...
_ALL of you_! Those Right Good Ansteorrans that support _your_ Kingdom's
efforts to make our's a shining light in the Known World. To each of you I say,
"Well Done!".
Waes thu Hael...! For Crown and Kingdom...I remain...

Sir Kief av Kiersted

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

p.s. For those of you that cannot make Pennsic this time around... Gulf War is
just a few months away...!!!!!! Can you say, "400 Ansteorran Heros on the
field"? Ahhhh...I knew you could...! Let's do it..!



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