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Galen here!

I have to go with Caladin on this one.  I see "newbie" as a much
more endearing term than "newcomer" or "new member", and
not at all derogatory.  Any term, of course, can be made
to be derogatory, but I don't believe that anyone working to
help those-just-joining-our-society view that audience as
anything less than an important part of our realm.

And I've never encountered anyone taking offense at having
the term applied to him, unless he felt he'd already so sufficiently
assimilated that any synonym would have been equally

 - Galen of Bristol
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>1.  What is a "newbie"?  <snip>  However, we simply DO NOT HAVE   

Well, I was raised in a military family, where in we used the term   
to indicate someone whe needs a little extra help to get things rolling,
when trying something in which they have little experience....

I think we have those... even if we call them "Yellow feathers" (which i
still think is a good idea to set out people who need a little extra
friendlyness to wean them in...)

Before anyone brings up the "offensiveness" of the word, I personally   
of it as a familier term, MORE friendly than 'newcommer', or 'entry level
gentle' or whatever...

And as with any other word, when used innnaccuratly, THAT should be the
issue, not the word...

Completely un-offended, and <very> mildly amused...

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