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Mon Aug 4 09:05:38 PDT 1997

Siobhan here.

I think Lyonel has the right idea when he suggests we simply refer to people
by their names, adding some descriptive details if needed for clarification.
 Rather than using "newbie," just specify the approximate length of time
they've been participating in the organization.  

I do think, however, that denoting newcomers to the Society in some way is
necessary.  For example, I would write a critique of an A&S entry for a
gentle who had been in the Society for two months, or an individual who was
trying out some art for the first time, very differently than I would for
someone who has been in several years.  Note, please, I did not say I would
judge them by a different standard.   I would, however, be much more
"explanatory" and probably lengthier in my critique.

I also know that my husband, Sir Galen (Niccoli) considers length of time,
both in the Society and as a participant in combat, as a mitigating factor
for unfortunate behavior on the field (i.e., difficulty with blow calling
merits one level of response for someone who has fought in 2 tournaments and
an entirely different one for someone who has been fighting for 5 years.)

I think there is a need in some situations to know how long someone's been
playing/participating in a given activity.  However, I also think that it
should probably be dealt with by soliciting specific information. 


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