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I'm sure I won't be the only one to point this out, but the rapier folk
are a lot less interested in "Consort" than they are in "Queen".  They
were delighted when the Queen was the Sovereign.  Their dedication
to the queen has less to do with affinity for an underdog consort than
with affection for the idea of Queen Elizabeth II, the sovereign of a
couple of their personas.

As to the Glove & Gauntlet, you'd have to check the charters of those
awards to see who'd award which (or ask Hector or Rowan), but I'd
hate to be the one to tell the swashers that "Queen's Champion
will be a heavy weapons list this year."  They're interested in the
title "Queen", not the office, "Consort".

When Rowan won Crown, the Dons gave her the Queen's white scarf,
then in recognition of Duke Hector's unique position, they gave him
one too.

As to the arms, I seem to recall Da'ud and I arguing about it.  I'm
not certain, but I think the hypothetical you described for Atlantia
actually happened here.

 - Galen of Bristol
(get back to work, Galen!)

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Let me make a small addendum to Galen's excellent and subtle post.
If a lady wins Crown Tourney, the general rule (to judge by an
article in the Ansteorran Gazette by the Star Principal Herald
when Rowan won) is to swap "King" and "Queen".  E.g., "We, Rowan
and Hector, Queen and King of Anst..." rather than "King and Queen".
I don't know the details, however, and there are a lot.  King's
Champion by rapier, Queen's by heavy?  King wearing a white scarf?
Queen's Gauntlet and King's Glove?

The formal Corpora terms are Sovereign and Consort: the Sovereign
won the Crown Tourney, and they were fighting for the Consort.

(There sometimes needs to be care in using the terms.  Atlantia
attempted an armory change recently.  They were returned for other
reasons by Laurel King of Arms, which was fortunate.  One was for
"the Sovereign", and the other was "for the Queen".  As Da'ud pointed
out, if a lady won Crown Tourney, she'd have two separate coats of
arms (!), and the King would have none.)

Daniel de Lincoln
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