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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Aug 4 12:31:39 PDT 1997

Galen of Bristol declared:

I hope I am not betraying His Majesty's confidences, but he actually did
consider pretty much all the arguments we're seeing in this thread as he
wrote his ceremony.  Even at the last minute, as one of his close   
was suggesting he reconsider group fealty oaths, his reply was to note   
the peers and barons are members of the populace, too.  Rather than to
deprive his vassals of the opportunity to swear individual fealty, he   
to lengthen the court, accepting the attendant problems and   

How Sir Knight is this "depriving his vassals the opportunity to swear
individual fealty"? It isn't. It is depriving them of doing it at a
very busy court. Even if they swear a group oath during the coronation
ceremony, it does not keep them from swearing a more elaborate or
personal oath at a different time.

Remember, in period they didn't change out kings every six months. And
when the new king stepped up, it was unlikely that a majority of the
barons much less the knights were present. The ones who were not there
swore fealty as the king traveled to their region. An oath does not
need to be done in an auditorium setting. Court can be convened during
a feast for those who want to come forward and swear fealty. It is my
understanding that court business was often conducted under such less
formal conditions. This would also be a good time to present gifts
rather than in a formal court setting.

Stefan li Rous


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