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On Mon, 04 Aug 1997 15:51:46 GMT, you wrote:

>On Fri, 01 Aug 1997, Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonaldu wrote:
>>Several people have posted lately that the length of court at coronation is
>>a problem, that some of the activities involved are boring, and that for
>>the sake of brevity we should either cut out or group up parts of each court.
>>To this I say ney!
>[big snip describing ceremony and it's significance]
>>The oath the legion of
>This is off topic from what I intend to post here, but does it strike
>anyone else as a bit weird to have a "Legion of Swashbucklers"? Other
>than sounding like the "Justice League of America" or something, how
>many rapier combatants out there consider themselves "swashbucklers"?
>I could very well be in a minority here, but my persona sure doesn't
>run around like a 16th century gang member "swashing his buckler" to
>intimidate other gang members to come out and fight him. But, maybe
>that's just me. I'm probably just a snobbish, stuck-up, Italian noble.

It's allowed :)  you can be a snobbish, stuck-up, Italian noble if you
wish.  The Legion of Swashbucklers is a story best left to Uncle

Uncle Tivar, tell us how the Legion of Swashbucklers came into being?

>[snip of rest of descriptions]
>OK, how about someone speaking as a relative newcomer (1.5 yrs.) at
>their very first Coronation. While I admit a good deal of the
>pageantry was very nice, including most of those areas you mentioned,
>the swearing of fealty was still excessively long and, usually, fairly
>boring as well. I think it's great that folks want to swear fealty and
>have it be a deeply personal experience, and I certainly appreciate
>what it symbolizes.

How about it you peers of the realm?  Care to make your fealty oaths
public for the edification of those of us who would like to know?

Your Majesty, would you make public your part of the oaths?

I know that fealty oaths are highly personal things, but need they
also be private?


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