ANST - Shameless Plug-attention Northern Region

E.Preston III & Shelly K. Walker wf3 at
Mon Aug 4 13:22:06 PDT 1997

I told you this was a shameless plug.
The college of Gnomon Vale, located in McAlester, OK. is having a city
demo in the park this Saturday. 12noon to 4pm. Please know, any of you
still left after the Pennsic rush, you are VERY needed. We are a small
group, 10-12 if you squint. We have no fighters, but we do have an
excellent list field. We have no knights marshall (hard to need one
without fighters). We have a couple of drummers and a few singers. Very
little else to attract the public to our group. Obviously, we need new
people. Hence, the demo. Please, if you can see your way, we need all
the help we can get from the wonderful gentles in the most glorious
kingdom of Ansteorra. (did I grovel enough?) Tis all true!
You can email to me for any info.
Ly. Britta the Red, Seneschal
Gnomon Vale

this is a dark ride

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