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>Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:
>  Four of the common
>> belt colors are more or less taken.  
>Question: before I went out and bought a blue belt at Gulf Wars, I
>specifically asked if it was designated to any particular group of
>people. I was told that other than while for knights, and red for
>squires, any color was generic, at least in this kingdom. Anyone know
>Britta the Red 

In Ansteorra, White is the only color reserve by law (it's in Corpora).  By
custom and courtesy red (squires) and green (apprentices) are reserved.
But nether of these is law.  There has been from time to time discussions
of reserving "by custom"  
gold belts for protegee but it has never gone into wide use that I know of.  

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

mka Burke McCrory
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