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> > Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:
> > > Four of the common belt colors are more or less taken.
> > Question: before I went out and bought a blue belt at Gulf Wars, I
> > specifically asked if it was designated to any particular group of
> > people. I was told that other than while for knights, and red for
> > squires, any color was generic, at least in this kingdom. Anyone know
> > differently?
> > Britta the Red
> I have heard that a person in training to become a cadet gets a blue scarf.
> Logically, that means that a person training to be a squire gets a blue belt
> (though I have not heard so). The blue scarf (and blue belt if it exists) is
> not reserved. For that matter, (may the more knowledgeable people and peers
> please correct me if I am wrong) the red scarf/belt is not _really_
> reserved. They are not used out of respect for the position that they
> designate.
> As alway, in service (and donning my fireproof kilt just in case)
> Angus

Okay, I hate to post the entire previous conversation but I feel that both of these 
questions need answering.

First and foremost, the only proscribed belt color is white. And even that has been 
courtously overlooked upon occassion.  The other belt colors are conventional colors
that have no true rank or position.

The colors often indicate the bond of a formalized student of a Master in one form or the

Red: Chivalric Combat
Green: Arts and Sciences
Blue: Either the student of a Pelican or if light blue a Bardic ranking belt.

Anyone can wear these belts as long as you do not claim that you are a student and are 
willing to put up with people's assumptions.

As far as the blue scarf.  Well, that's purely personal as far as I know of. But it did
strike me as a little amusing to be wearing the symbol of being a student to becoming
a student of a Grant Level award.  (Yeah, I'm sure that comment is going to get somebody
mad at me.)



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