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Mistress Kalida Aristana will still be in charge of the Static portion
of the K A&S event, as will Master Robin be in charge of the
Eisteddfodd. As I requested once before, I ask again that if you will,
if able, post this to the Ansteorran internet info page, so that someone
out there will get the information.

static arts:  No more than 3 entries per entrant.  Research papers must
be postmarked no later than October 14th, and will be sent to:

Nancy Goforth (Sieglinde Syr)
5808 Sandy Lane
Pasadena, TX  77505
They will then be distributed to the laurels best suited to judge their
research content.

For more information or for input on the static arts entries, please
contact Mistress Kalida at mynx at, or by telephone: 

For more information on the Eisteddfodd, please contact:

Master Robin of Gilwell, Premier Bard/Ansteorra
	Deputy, Bardic Activities
(Jay Rudin)
7135 Vineland St.
Dallas, TX 75227  (214 or 972) 388-8156


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