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Mon Aug 4 16:14:56 PDT 1997

Greetings, Cosyns,

His Excellency Sir Galen of Bristol ponders:
>And I'd always heard that the term "mundane" to describe non-members
>of the SCA was offensive...

Yeah.  I've heard the same thing.  Seems I saw someone post a claim on this
list that her non-SCA life is decidedly *not* mundane.  Changing old habits
is pretty rough, though.  I can't recall; has anyone come up with a
reasonable alternative to "mundane."  "Real," as I recollect, is right out.

>For the record, I rarely use the term "newbie" to describe an individual.
>"This is George, it's his first event" is the kind of thing I use.  

An excellent practice, IMOH.

lo vostre por vos servir

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