ANST - Belts (was Barcoding)

Angus mac Taggart/Rik Packham aquinas at
Mon Aug 4 16:25:13 PDT 1997

> Angus wrote:
> > I have heard that a person in training to become a cadet gets a blue
> > Logically, that means that a person training to be a squire gets a blue

Daniel de Lincoln responded:
> Is that like "engaged to be engaged"?

Like a friendship ring? *ROFLOL*

> "A cadet means you're my student, but you're not ready for
> that, so I'll make you a cadet-in-training, which means you'll be my
> student anyway ... um ...".

Actually, I heard of this thru Jason (a friend of Cecily's and mine) who is
being training by Lord Piet der Rausch, cadet to Don Jeremy James Scurlock.
Thus, being trained by a cadet to learn what it takes to make yourself a
cadet later on warrants the blue scarf. *shrug*



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